It's cloudy.
The telephone is big. It's on the desk.
The pencils are under the telephone.
The present is on the chair. The chair is yellow.
The doll is under the chair.
Tim is a monster. He's green.
The monster has four legs
The boy is next to the monster.
The boy is happy.

The monkey is in the cage.
The girl is short. She's happy.
The girl is next to the table.
The ball is under the table.
The pencils are in the box.
The box is on the table.
The trees are next to the house.
The house is orange.
It's sunny.
It's sunny.
The clock is on the shelf.
The ball is on the chair.
The chair is next to the door.
The bin is next to the chair.
The CD is on the book.
The book is on the table.
The pens are under the book.
The hamburgers are on the table.
The ruler is on the table.

Willie is flying a kite / Willie can fly a kite.
Tina is riding a bike / Tina can ride a bike.
Joe is swimming / Joe can swim.
Mark is strong.
Tim is cowardly but Kenny is brave.
Tim doesn't like the mouse.
Mia is hungry.
Ellen is cooking / Ellen can cook.
Johnny is drinking coffee.
There's a castle. There's a tent.
Ellen has a big hat.
Johnny has a cap / Johnny is wearing a cap.
It's sunny.

It's 3 o'clock in the afternoon.
Richard is sad because he can't draw.
Kenny is playing the guitar / Kenny can play the guitar.
Peter can't ride a bike.
Toby is tired.
Ellen can't sing.
Tom can whistle.
Mark is angry because he doesn't like Ellen's song.
Liz is bored.
Anne is wearing a loose dress.
Sue is wearing a tight dress. She likes the dress.
The red dress is one hundred pounds.
Mark is crying because the red dress is too expensive.
Sue's dress is too tight but Anne's dress is too loose.
Peter isn't studying.
He's sleeping because he's too tired.
Tom is worried because he has an exam.